Monday, 19 May 2008

rain rain come again!

Rain rain go away??? nah, nyet, never! ... the rains are sooo soothing ... and i have noticed that they do affect my mood ...positively!!! ... they definitely do awaken the child in me ... sitting in office i am dreaming of going out and playing in the rain and splashing in those puddles ... there is something soo refreshing about them! mmmm ... i'm lost now ... in a different world ... the office suddenly seems so dour and drab ... more like a glass chamber ... and I so want to open this darn window (it's sealed :( ) ... makes me think why is it that we can't progress with nature rather than against it ... anyways ... for now its just enjoying the just washed sparkling greens dancing in the wind and little raindrops falling on them... all other thoughts can take a backseat! :)